Taste of 30A with the 30A Brew Tour

The 30A Brew tour provides locals and tourists with a 4-hour all inclusive tour along beautiful 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Experience 4 of our locals' favorites restaurants and bars, while tasting local beers brewed right in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida while also trying nearby neighboring beers from Jacksonville, to Apalachicola, all the way to Pensacola. You will be transported in an electric, eco-friendly Tuk Tuk, while learning about our popular cities including Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, and Grayton Beach, Florida.

4-Hour, 4-Location Tour | Alcoholic Beverage Included at Each Location | With Information & View of 30A


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Casey's 30A Brew Tour Picks

Stop #1 - Beach & Brew 30A

Beer Choice - Divide N Conchr Double IPA


"I am not the largest IPA guy, but if you're in 30A and want to have a beer that packs a punch with great local roots, look no further than this delicious double IPA from the boys right up the rode at Idyll Hounds. If you are an IPA person, you may find yourself stashing as many 6-packs into your bag as possible, with this and more IH beers available at Publix and other local sellers."


Stop #2 - Shore Thing Cigars

Beer Choice - Hooter Brown



"By far, and I am biased, because I love Bo and the gang over at OCBC, but the Hooter Brown is my #1 Beer on 30A. At first glance it looks like a dark heavy ale, but looks can be deceiving, as its color comes from the local, tupelo honey they use to sweeten up this unique American Ale. Luke, Paul and the team at STC will take great care of you anytime, including the wild Karaoke Night they put on. Grab a Hooter Brown and a Stogie and enjoy our second stop on the 30A Brew Tour."


Stop #3 - Grayton Brew Pub

Beer Choice - 30A Beach Blonde



"Whether you're on vacation or just clocked out for the day, GC's Beach Blonde Ale will take you away to good times and sunshine. Classic Noble Hops combine with a nuanced malt sweetness to yield a perfectly balanced, crisp and refreshing beer. This Blonde Ale is what put the local brewers on the grid, but when you drink it they want you to feel like you are off of it. You can't say you've been to 30A without having a pint of this staple."


Stop #4 - Chiringo Grayton

Beer Choice / Drink Choice - Billy Ocean



"Though this isn't a beer, we couldn't have our guests experience this 30A tour without a stop at our favorite, local beach bar. And when you're at Chiringo Grayton, a must-try is the Billy Ocean. Made in-house, this pineapple frozen cocktail is what Grayton Beach is all about. Drink it slow, relax, and chat up the friendly team of Travis & Jenny at Chiringo. Oh and don't forget, make sure Travis or the bartenders add the Dark Rum Floater. It's a must."